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The quest to undo evolution

Sunday, September 30, 2007

This came in the mail the other day from Fidelity Investments:

Somehow, the idea of undoing millions of years of evolution that is the bane of most ordinary investors who find themselves choosing "flight" over "fight" in increasingly volatile markets - this just doesn't seem like a plan that is going to work.

It works for me, but then I'm not your ordinary investor.

You can see for yourself what they recommend to the masses who will turn to the stock market to help make up for losses in a declining housing market as they edge closer to retirement. Good luck with that.


This week's cartoon from The Economist:

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Aaron Krowne said...

Interesting how they are rolling out this NAR-esque campaign just when... the stock market is within a percent or two of all-time highs. Hmmmmmm....

I also take it that their post-disaster rate of return breakdown doesn't take inflation into account.

Rob Dawg said...

Volitile times and sectors; Tech Mar '00, Tech Apr '00, Tech May '00, etc. How's that working?

Anonymous said...

Funny but our lies are much bigger. US regime commits precisely the same human rights violations it accuses of the Iranian regime, just more often and all over the place. What is this thing called state-sponsored terrorism and who's doing it to whom?

Anonymous said...

Don't get the point of the anti-Iran joke on this site. The joke might be funny if it weren't such blatant war propaganda.

Tim said...

The cartoon from The Economist gets posted every Sunday, regardless of the content. It's a tradition.

Anonymous said...

Fidelity could be right depending on how bad the dollar gets beat on and what you exchange your stocks for.


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