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The "real" owners - it's a big club and you ain't in it

Monday, June 23, 2008

George Carlin (1937-2008) rest in peace (via Housing Panic).


Anonymous said...

Took me 40 yrs to unlearn my education and get it. My kids will get it before they are 20.

Anonymous said...

George Carlin RIP

Unfortunately, it’s pick your poison because every system is dominated by “real owners” whether a monarchy, totalitarianism, communism, capitalism. It’s a matter to what extent a system is a) dynamic such that “real owners” turnover can occur over time and b) to the extent “real owners” are held accountable. To think there is such a thing as a Marxist utopian with no “real owners” is a myth.

Anonymous said...

Democracy greatest strength is the ability of the governed to change the government without violence.

The more democracy is successfully subverted the more likely a violent outcome.

Nature finds a way.

Anonymous said...

Ever try getting change through a social democracy? Need a third option: for, against and just leave me alone. It's a republic and we used to have it. Before the Civil War, a peaceful secession from the Union was widely regarded as a reasonable outcome.

Anonymous said...

That was rich coming from a guy who grew wealthy telling jokes. I thought it was conservatives who were supposed to yearn for the glorious days of yore when all was as it should be. Now that the supposed era of financial prosperity and security for the complacent, entitled populace has ended, I expect its the corporate fat cats that are to blame.


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