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December deliveries at the Comex

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I don't know much about Alex Jones and Max Keiser, but, what I do know is that talk of a default at the Comex for gold and silver deliveries next month sure is heating up...


Anonymous said...

This guy is full of shit. Russia is going to bust Comex?

Anonymous said...

Bust Comex?

As a goldbug, I'd love to see this happen, but there's NO way it can or will.

Disclosure: Long DGP as well as gold & silver bullion

Unknown said...

Alex Jones is like Art Bell...he gets some wackos on his show. For example I prefer to hear nothing from the so-called "9-11 Truthers." Also he welcomes the people who believe in chemtrails. Nonetheless I do bet the Comex won't be able to deliver. I sort of am comforted by the fact that GLD has (or at least is supposed to have) gold in a vault somewhere.

Disclosure: long GLD as well as gold and silver coin.

EconomicDisconnect said...

November 28th, if you can get out of the Turkey coma, is the first day of settlement for COMX contratcs along these lines. Can't wait!
My take on Paulson's farce today

I think Hank Paulson may have a future James Bond/Jason Bourne type film in his future:

Hank Paulson is Now a Rogue Agent; Stop or Detain at any Cost
Right now Paulson is operating without control and without strings. Paulson is running by the seat of his pants moving mountains of taxpayer money towards whatever goal comes to him on a whim. Frankly, Hank Paulson has become a rogue agent. His actions cannot be predicted, his thinking is unknown, and he answers to no one. As with all rogue agents, Hank Paulson must be stopped. Immediately.

Anthony Alfidi said...

Max Keiser's site at looks like a goldbug's parody of the Drudge Report, complete with funny pics of Max's head on a video still from Monty Python's "Life of Brian."

Alex Jones' site at is a hodgepodge of paranoia and extremism. He produced a histrionic documentary of the Bohemian Grove that blew its innocuous theatrical productions way out of proportion. He's like a guy who lights a match in a theater, yells "Fire!" and then films the bedlam.

As for Max's alegation that the U.S. can hold down the price of oil . . . maybe he hasn't heard of OPEC. Okay, I'm being mean.

Anonymous said...

Now that is odd, if Alex Jones is so far off track, how is it that any one with 2 working braincells can vet his information from multiple independent sources and come to the same conclusion.

Anonymous said...

Love him or hate him...but Max has Been SPOT On in the last few years, along with Jim Rogers &
Ignore at your own risk.
Or take the advice of the infamous Shillstein, Jim Cramer.

bbahara said...

alex jones is a treasue. one does not have to agree with everything said.... the enemy of my enemy is my friend... and like the bible or nietzsche, alex's show is so diverse and interesting that there will be myriad things for little cry baby bloggers to whine about.

please call alex's show and debate him rather than pollute the Blogosphere with smears.

Anonymous said...

Silver will be the atlatl and gold the spear.

Anonymous said...

What happens to DGP and other leveraged ETFs tracking gold if there's a COMEX default? Anyone know?

Anonymous said...

ya etf's futures, indices area physical or you are likely to get fucked. Alex jones tol me abot operation northwoods and USS liberty...those flase flag events are facts....doesn't matter if you like him or not...why does the government lie to it's people?


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