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Friday, November 14, 2008

Retail sales fall by record 2.8 percent in October - Reuters
Chances Dwindle on Bailout Plan for Automakers - NY Times
State and city budgets falling fast - CSM
Eurozone officially in recession - BBC
Sun Microsystems to cut up to 6,000 jobs - CNN/Money
Citigroup to lay off another 10,000 - report - CNN/Money
New wave of CDOs at risk of default - Financial Times

Oil Little Changed as Economic Slowdown Curbs Fuel Consumption - Bloomberg
Gold and other metals rally in early trade - MarketWatch
Investors pull $31.8B out of stock funds - CNN/Money
Why China wants to beat America in Gold reserves - Commodity Online
China Expected to Shift Reserves into Commodities and Gold - Jesse's Cafe

U.S. Retail Sales Drop in October by Most on Record - Bloomberg
Depression Economics Returns - NY Times
The High Priests of the Bubble Economy - TPM Cafe
76% say Obama can fix economy - poll - CNN/Money

Freddie Mac Posts Record Loss, Asks for $13.8 Billion - Bloomberg
Foreclosures Drop in California, As Lenders Boost Workout Attempts - HousingWire
FDIC Details Plan To Alter Mortgages - Washington Post
Home sales data bleak nationwide - Arizona Star

October budget deficit hits record of $237.2B - AP
Bernanke: Central banks ready to do more as needed - MarketWatch
Thirty Year Bond Auction: Not a Good Result for Hank Paulson - Across the Curve
The great bond market crash of 2009 - Prudent Bear

Euro-zone economy falls into recession - CNN/Money
Summit of G20 nations is unlikely to produce quick solutions - LA Times
Be bold enough to fight the system from within - Economic Times
Factories Shut, China Workers Are Suffering - NY Times
Gordon Brown’s fingerprints are all over a disaster made in Britain - Telegraph
Interest rates soar as credit tightens in Mexico - USA Today
Pound's slump accelerates as analysts warn it will get worse - Telegraph

Fulds’ Art Comes Up Short at Auction - NY Times
Scientists take first photos of planets orbiting other stars - LA Times


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