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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

‘Bernanke-san’ Signals Policy Shift, Evoking Japan Comparison - Bloomberg
Schwarzenegger declares emergency - CNN/Money
States Want $176 Billion Slice of Stimulus - Washington Post
Iceland: The country that became a hedge fund - Fortune
Fund Investors Sue Countrywide Over Loan Modifications - NY Times
Big Three automakers try again for a bailout - LA Times
Goldman may post $2 billion loss - report - CNN/Money

Oil trades below $50 a barrel amid demand worries - MarketWatch
Gold Advances in London as Yesterday’s Plunge Draws Investors - Bloomberg
Oil speculation: It's back - Fortune
“Buy and Hold Is Dead?!” - Raymond James
Slowdown in China hits commodities badly - Commodity Online

Economic Signs Point to Longer, Deeper Recession - Washington Post
Starting Now: America’s Second Great Depression - Weiss, Money and Markets
U.S. recession could last into 2010 - LA Times
Gasoline is cheap, but we're still saving it - LA Times
'Revolution, food riots in America by 2012' - Commodity Online

Australia Extends Biggest Rate-Cut Round Since 1991 - Bloomberg
Chinese yuan falls sharply ahead of US talks - AFP
World stability hangs by a thread as economies continue to unravel - Telegraph
London house prices in free-fall - Telegraph
China Property Slump Threatens Global Economy as Growth Slows - Bloomberg
BoJ loosens standards for collateral against loans - MarketWatch
Mortgage slump piles pressure on Bank of England to cut rates again - Scotsman

Home sellers suffer amid wave of foreclosures - CNN/Money
Real estate a tough sell in troubled economy - SF Gate
Delinquent Mortgages Set to Nearly Double in 2009 - WSJ
Bay Area sees deals on homes for under $100,000 - SF Gate

Treasuries In Bubble Phase, Merrill’s Rosenberg Says - Bloomberg
Officials Vow to Act Amid Signs of Long Recession - NY Times
Bond Risk Surges to Record on Concern Slump ‘Too Hard to Fix’ - Bloomberg
Bernanke Says Fed May Buy Treasuries to Aid Economy - Bloomberg
Bernanke says Fed still has arrows in quiver - MarketWatch

Buffet Behavior: The Science of Pigging Out - LiveScience
David Gregory to host 'Meet the Press' - MarketWatch


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