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California legislatin'

Monday, February 16, 2009

Could there be a better image than the one below from this LA Times story to symbolize the state of the California State legislature?
IMAGE Apparently, they were up all night trying to get a new budget bill passed in order to close the gaping $41 billion deficit, but they were not able to produce the desired result.

The proposed plan is about an even mix of spending cuts and tax hikes, but the Republican minority doesn't seem to like the tax hikes much and, since budget bills require a two-thirds majority (which the Democrats don't have), nothing gets done until a few Republicans get on board.

In a situation that is not all that different from the U.S. Senate where a couple Republican votes are required to remove the filibuster threat, it is those few lawmakers from across the aisle that become all powerful.

What a way to run a government...

In California last night, Democrats came up one vote short of getting the three Republican votes needed to get the job done so they are set to resume talks at 11 AM today.

The deal appeared done at the weekend's start. Democrats already had sprinkled the budget with concessions to recalcitrant legislators, including more money for Orange County to please Sen. Louis Correa (D-Santa Ana), who had promised during his campaign not to raise taxes.

And two Senate Republicans were expected to vote for the package -- Dave Cogdill of Modesto, who played a role in negotiating the deal, and Roy Ashburn, a Bakersfield Republican in his final term. Among the concessions Ashburn won was a proposed $10,000 tax break for new home buyers.

Another key GOP senator, Dave Cox of Fair Oaks, was counted on by his own party's leaders to join the majority Democrats to win the two-thirds vote needed for passage. But Cox balked at the big tax bite.
In a bid to build pressure on balky Republicans, Schwarzenegger was ready to launch the notification process that could lead to the termination of 10,000 state workers in coming months, according to budget negotiators.

"That is a very real possibility," said Aaron McLear, the governor's spokesman.

The termination notices were intended to be sent Friday, but the governor delayed them because a budget vote appeared imminent.
They really ought to just stop paying elected officials on the first day after a new budget is due and it hasn't been passed.

A hit to the pocketbook can work wonders.


donna said...

Honestly, I am so sick of these jerks. There is just not enough focus on the California lack of government -- people in CA don't even know who these people are for the most part or how dysfunctional it all is. The yacht party cares only about business interests and not at all about the rest of us, and the Dems try to fight for the people but keep getting screwed by this totally dysfunctional bunch of Republicans who don't really give a shit about anything but their own interests.

I have really had it with them, but you try to talk to anyone about it and they don't get it.It's all just so frustrating.

Anonymous said...

The Republican party does not exist in any other country, they are just way too far to the right. In NZ our conservative party is more like America's Democrats. As long as there are Repubs America will be in trouble. You only have to wait until the baby boomers are gone.

Anonymous said...

Why blame the Republicans, why not all of them? The Democrats are all beholden to the Union special interests, and if you look at California compared to all the other states, we LEAD the nation in highest Gas, Sales, and Income taxes. Why would I want more taxes, I can barely keep afloat is it is! These buffoons up in Sacramento ALL need to be recalled and we need to get people in there that actually can stop spending money and playing games. Funny how they keep using the word "Revenue" (read TAXES) and refuse go give up anything on their end (have you heard talk of ANY state workers being cut back? Makes me sick to no end. Why would a State RAISE taxes in a recession if the Government is NOT raising taxes, unless they have a fundamental problem with saving and not being fiscally responsible. PLUS, any budget cuts coming out of this are from PROJECTED budget increases, so there is no NET reduction in any spending at this point. I hope this state goes into bankruptcy so we can start all over.

Anonymous said...

It seems like the Republicans are waiting on the Obama stimulus package to bail the state out. But don't mention the word irony.

Since as a state we're too flaky to even get our own budget together, we too need a federal bailout paid for by debt of course! Disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Donna, please stay in America.

CA has been floating the other states for years with much higher amounts of Fed tax paid then other states. Time for CA to get some thing back.

Anonymous said...

The Democrats have ruled the roost in this state for too long. They have spent it into oblivion and coddled up to all of the unions in the state to prevent any type of beneficial change. The state needs to be blown up and restarted. This is politics at its best. This is the Republicans one big chance to do something right FOR A CHANGE.


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