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Greenspan: A once-in-a-century event

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The condensed wisdom of former Fed chairman Alan Greenspan from this Bloomberg report on yesterday's gathering at the Economic Club of New York:

What we are currently going through is a once-in-a-century type of event. It will pass ... Given the Japanese experience of the 1990s, we need to assure that the repair of the financial system precedes the onset of any major fiscal stimulus.

To stabilize the banking system and restore normal lending, additional TARP funds will be required ... Banks are not going to increase their lending until they feel comfortable with the amount of capital they hold. That’s not going to happen for a while.

Until we can stabilize the asset side of bank balance sheets, this crisis will not come to a close ... Unfortunately, the prospect of stable home prices remains many months in the future. Many forecasters project a decline in home prices of 10 percent or more from current levels.

Certainly, by any historical measure, world stock prices are cheap. But as history also counsels they could get a lot cheaper before they turn ... A rise in equity prices could help offset the impact of falling house prices.

The recent rise of long-term interest rates appears to be signaling market concerns about inflationary pressures. It could turn out to be the canary in the coal mine.

The regulatory structures, especially internationally, were way behind the curve ...
There is a general belief that somehow we can regulate very complex organizations, and we can’t. What we’ve got to do is to try to make them more efficient, to put far more capital into these organizations.
I wonder if he gets weird looks these days from other economists.


Anonymous said...

I can't remember the rules for 'Greenspan' and 'mess' sightings. Here's one from the Prudent Bear that has them within 69 words of each other:

(You have to scroll way down to his commentary on the page.)

Greenspan is finally seen by most people as the old fool he always was. His recent comments boil down to:

"It might get worse or it might get better."

Thanks, again, Alan.

It's time for him to just go away and shut up.

Narcissists don't do that very well...

George M said...

You missed the best part:

where he describes how traders were willing to risk default of their institutions once every 100 years. Academic exercise indeed.


Anonymous said...

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Anthony Alfidi said...

The Maestro's advocacy of more TARP injections is prima facie evidence of intellectual bankruptcy.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous. Guess what? The structure has collapsed and the economy is essentially destroyed for years to come. As for Alan Greenspan...does anyone remember when he essentially endorsed ARM mortgages and other non-fixed mortgages at a time when the mortgage rates were at historic lows? That was economic malpractice. He was shilling for the Bush administration as he helped creat an illusion of a growing economy that was based on pulling equity out of overpriced real estate, not real growth. One big fraud.


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