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Mr. Santelli goes to Washington

Saturday, February 21, 2009

It was a big week for Rick Santelli at CNBC and, unfortunately, I missed it all. Apparently on Friday, he got invited to the White House for some decaf.

That's the condensed version of things...

It all started with this rant on Thursday:

And then came the White House reply:

Rick and Larry Kudlow talk about freedom of the press:

Keith Obermann talks about how Rick Santelli is part of the problem:

It appears as though the Obama administration has ushered in a slightly different sort of political/cultural divide in this country.

Or, maybe its just the same old divide with a different look to it.


Tim said...

I recommend playing them all at the same time to enhance the overall experience.

marku said...

Millionaire bond trader complains that J6P is getting a bailout. Wow, that takes some kind of arrogance.

Anonymous said...


I think you should do a post with this Francine Hardaway lady.

Onward, Christian Soldiers: Get Behind the Stimulus

Please note her comment:

So all the moralizing about who should be saved and who should be allowed to fail is decidedly un-Christian. No one should be allowed to fail if he confesses his sins and accepts the Redeemer. “Forgive us our debts/ as we forgive our debtors.” Isn’t that our heritage?

Anonymous said...

Am I the only goldbug who thought this 'rant of the year' was absolutely disgusting? What was this supposed to be, a revolt of the capitalists? Maybe my sensibilities are just different because I'm Canadian, but this is a very disturbing thing to watch. It's not enough that the government abetted predation on the most economically vulnerable, but now we have traders blaming the whole mess on people who have nothing... nice, isn't it?

We've seen this before. In times of economic hardship, it's easy to find a scapegoat. I understand this. But this problem started with economic mismanagement from the top, and I refuse to put the majority of the blame on those with no economic power at the bottom, people just trying to survive and get by.

If obeying the free market is moral, as free market fundamentalism professes, does it also follow that free market discipline applied to an economy misshapen by years of bad policy and incentives and institutional corruption is ALSO moral? I think this is a hard case to make.


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