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Jim Rogers still looking for a good currency

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Adventure Capitalist Jim Rogers talks about buying farm land in Brazil and Canada, the world's currencies, and he apparently still has those gold coins in his pocket.

Last week he said something about civil unrest in the U.S. - yikes!


Anonymous said...

Rogers was right about civil unrest in the US. It's not right around the corner but I think it's in the mail. I'm not talking about principled "tea parties" either, I'm talking about a general freak out if/when things get ugly enough.

Rogers also said he's having great difficulty figuring out where to park his money. That's the sort of talk that scares me- if billionaires can't make heads or tails of this market, what does that mean for everyone else?

Anonymous said...

little larry sellers said...,

You're right re: unrest. Good thing for Rogers that he sits in his ivory tower in Singapore - the place we're you a lashed for spitting on the street. Land of the free.

He's just another bloodsucker from the investing class who is more than happy to see American jobs get moved to China thanks to US-government subsidies.

Anonymous said...

Interesting. The braintrust at Sprott Resource are thinking the same. They hold cash, bullion and just started a First Nations joint venture farm corporation.

People, please do a little research on Jim Rogers before passing judgement. He's made most of his betting against the bloodsucker banking class running our country.

BTW, what are tax rates and currency inflation in Singapore compared to here? I wonder who is really getting the lash?

Anonymous said...

The two farmland funds Jim Rogers is involved with are:

Agcapita Farmland Investment Partnership


Anonymous said...

This is an interesting interview. It will be fun to see if Rogers' thinking will pay off. Here is a link to another blog featuring some of Jim Rogers' interviews along with reflections about them.


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