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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Goldman Sachs to raise $5bn from investors - Telegraph
Treasury Plans to Tap Fannie Mae Chief to Run Bailout - Wash. Post
Bernanke Sees Signs U.S. Contraction May Be Slowing - Bloomberg
The Case of the Missing Month - Norris, NY Times
Wells Fargo May Need $50 Billion in Capital, KBW Says - Bloomberg
Much Vilified, Financial Titans Find a Friend in Bloomberg - NY Times
The Global Financial Crisis: How bad will it get? - Debt Deflation
What’s the tab for the bailout? Take your pick - MSNBC

Oil gains on bank reports - AP
India gold imports resume as prices fall - Commodity Online
Dollar’s Fade Won’t Support Wall Street’s Party - Kennedy, Bloomberg
Survey finds all-time low in Americans' retirement confidence - MarketWatch
A Simple Decision - Butler, Investment Rarities
“Economic Stability?” - Saut, Raymond James

Retail Sales Unexpectedly Drop as Jobs Evaporate - Bloomberg
Wholesale prices fall unexpectedly in March - AP
Oregon's jobless rate soars to 12.1% in March - Seattle Times
Averting Depression as Consumer in U.S. Fades - Roach, Bloomberg
Investment guru fears inflation - CHINADaily

China’s Fan Calls for Asia to Diversify Reserves - Bloomberg
Singapore economy shrinks more than expected - MarketWatch
China imports record volume of iron ore in March - CHINADaily
Unemployment Surges in Germany’s Golden City - NY Times
Carry Trade Comeback Means Biggest Gains Since 1999 - Bloomberg
Fed's Fisher: China cannot abandon U.S. - CNN/Money
China housing prices could halve by 2011: report - MarketWatch
McDonald's to step up hiring in China this year - CHINADaily

Investors Dive Back into Las Vegas Housing Market - Las Vegas Now
Latest Housing Market Indicator: More Siblings Sharing Rooms - WSJ
Foreclosure sales stalled by red tape - MSNBC
The price is right - MarketWatch

Bernanke sees 'signs' decline is easing - CNN/Money
Libor Falling Fastest Since January on Credit Revival - Bloomberg
Fed Buys $7.37 Billion in Two- and Three-Year Debt - Bloomberg
TALF Needs Chaperon Before Investors Will Dance - Bloomberg

North Korea to end talks, restart nuclear program - MarketWatch
Lehman Sitting on Bomb’s Worth of Uranium - Bloomberg
When fast food gets in the fast lane - LA Times



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