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Sunday, June 07, 2009

Indiana Funds Ask Supreme Court to Delay Chrysler Sale - NY Times
Economic stimulus carries potential of creating new problems - KC Star
Some Wonder If Bond Market Has Reached Its Tipping Point - Wash. Post
Consumers perking up, but spending's still limited - MarketWatch
Countrywide's Angelo Mozilo is target of federal lawsuit - LA Times
Poking Holes in a Theory on Markets - NY Times
Staying Rich in the New Normal - Gross, Pimco
Regulators shut Illinois bank - AP

Gold: Headed For A Bubble? - WSJ
Treasuries and Stocks, in a Role Reversal - NY Times
Stocks' rally could find more fuel through June - MarketWatch
Market rally hits 3 months, raising questions - AP
Reality check for U.S. bond binge - LA Times
Gas prices above $2.60 - CNN/Money

Retail Sales Probably Rose on Auto Demand - Bloomberg
Government jobs serve as recession shield - AP
Trapped: It's hard to get a job if your credit is bad - LA Times
Helping the Job Seeker Without Hurting Yourself - NY Times
Airline execs say industry outlook still grim - Reuters

Report predicts 10 years of pain for Scotland - BBC
China influence to grow faster than most expect: Soros - Reuters
Merkel's inflationary fretting may wake bears from hibernation - Telegraph
Canadians angered over "Buy American" rule - Reuters
Mervyn King battles for control of his court - Telegraph
Ukraine's premier says coalition talks collapse - AP
Plunging assets cast gloom over UK pensions - FT
Iceland to repay £2bn UK savings - BBC

Why Home Prices May Keep Falling - NY Times
The Five Waves Of The Housing Collapse - ClusterStock
Refinancing 30-year mortgage may not pay - LA Times
Can't refinance? Try your congressman - AP

Market Frowning on Federal Reserve and Uncle Ben - Seeking Alpha
U.S. bailout repayment seen bigger than expected - Reuters
Traders Begin to Speculate Fed Will Need to Tighten - Bloomberg
Regulators Push for Change at Two Troubled Big Banks - NY Times

As business slows, brothel seeking to add male prostitutes - Las Vegas Sun
Fans gather for launch of "iPhone killer" Palm Pre - Reuters
Lawyer takes a stand from his cell - LA Times
NY man arrested buying drugs with slaughtered pig - AP



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