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Dennis Kneale is bullish on America

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Peter Schiff is not...


Anonymous said...

Kneale reminds me of Larry Kudlow without the intellect. He sees positive things for the economy no matter what the facts are. Lehman was weeks away from falling, but good ol' Kudlow was using terms like "greatest story never told" and "Goldilocks".

To quote Cheryl Crow: "Lie to me. I promise, I'll believe you."

Eric said...

Yeah, Kneale is a joke. Most of the CNBC personalities I can handle but that guy drives me nuts. "I've got nothing to sell." yeah right, the guy is a tool for cnbc and GE. He acts like a hack they put on the air just to calm peoples nerves whenever they put someone on the air who makes any sense (like Schiff). He's been at the wrong end of the trade for as long as I can remember.

Anonymous said...

If Schiff makes so much sense, why can't he make money?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Schiff really lost a bundle buying gold at $250 and asian stocks back in 2000.


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