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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Person of the Year 2009: Ben Bernanke - Time
Americans Think Bernanke Prefers Wall St. to Main St. - HuffPost
Out from under TARP, banks are now free to fail again - Washington Post
House Discussing Glass-Steagall Revival, Hoyer Says - Bloomberg
As Goldman Thrives, Some Say an Ethos Has Faded - NY Times
Fasten Seatbelts for the Great Central Bank Exit - CNBC
The two faces of Obama - New York Post
The Audacity of Debt - WSJ
Taibbi bait - Politico

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Oil above $71 as US crude supply seen higher - AP
Gold Gains in London on Weaker Dollar - Bloomberg
Bank rules lift global stocks; dollar eases - Reuters
Chanos: We're Shorting Autos, China, And Commodities - Business Insider
Wall Street’s Closet Critics Blast Their Own - Bloomberg
Gold at 'Significant Risk' of Correction: Roubini - CNBC

Consumer Prices Rose 0.4% in November - Bloomberg
November housing construction up 8.9 percent - AP
Global Demand for U.S. Assets Weakened in October - Bloomberg
State Agencies Could Face Even Deeper Cuts - Las Vegas Now
The Case for Optimism on the Economy - WSJ

Chinese Households Say Prices Rise Too Fast - Bloomberg
Moody’s warns of 'social unrest’ as sovereign debt spirals - Telegraph
ECB Lends Banks More Than Forecast in 12-Month Tender - Bloomberg
China's overseas acquisitions reportedly to hit record in 2009 - MarketWatch
China Daily: Government Must Contain the Housing Market Bubble - CriEnglish
Greece Borrows Privately as Downgrade Drives Up Yield - Bloomberg
Norway Raises Main Rate to 1.75% as Economy Heats Up - Bloomberg
Canada housing market still ablaze in November - Reuters

Big Decision Looms on Fannie, Freddie - WSJ
Southern California home prices and sales improve in November - LA Times
Homebuilder sentiment index dips in Dec. despite tax credit extension - AP
San Diego housing market stays steady - San Diego Newsroom

Upswing poses questions for Fed - Washington Post
Fed to Keep Policy Steady Despite Improving Data - CNBC
Fed to strike upbeat note on economy - AP
Bernanke Foes Seek to Curtail Fed - WSJ

New endorsements for Tiger? - Bing
Book 99 years overdue returned to Mass. library - AP
Mammoths Were Alive More Recently Than Thought - LiveScience
YouTube keeps video makers rolling in dough - USA Today



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