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Monday, January 04, 2010

Ben Bernanke Won’t Take the Blame for Bubbles - Reuters
Gold is cheap to buy at $1,100/oz: MarcFaber - Commodity Online
For 2010 economy, glass is half empty and half full - Washington Post
No Good Deed Goes Unpunished as Banks Seek Profits From Bailout - Bloomberg
Timothy Geithner Meets Vladimir Lenin - Hussman Funds
State budget pictures bleak as lawmakers head back - AP
Money resolutions to make in 2010 - LA Times
Another year, another bubble - MarketWatch

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Oil hits $81 on Belarus, cold - Reuters
Gold will be the next bubble if we don't learn our lesson - Telegraph
Tackling your investment concerns in the new year - LA Times
Fund investors have more questions than confidence - MarketWatch
Dines is the author of 2009's Newsletter of the Year - MarketWatch
Ranking 2009’s Commodity ETPs - Hard Assets Investor

US Growth Prospects for New Decade Weak - CNBC
Aughts were a lost decade for U.S. economy, workers - Washington Post
Impact of Census on Employmentand Unemployment Rate - Calculated Risk
Hawaii is far from an economic paradise - LA Times
That 1937 Feeling - Krugman, NY Times

U.S., China locked in trade disputes - Washington Post
Struggling Japan Airlines thrown £1.33bn lifeline - Guardian
Chinese Manufacturing Grows by Most Since April 2004 - Bloomberg
Goldman Sachs teams could quit the City over taxes and regulations - Telegraph
Bubbles Threaten as China Shakes Off Bank Crisis: Liu Mingkang - Bloomberg
A 2010 sovereign debt crisis could still cause UK banking chaos - Telegraph
UK Manufacturing figures show recovery in December - Guardian
Canadian economic optimism on rise - Globe and Mail

2010: The year of the real estate auction? - LA Times
Cash-rich real estate investors trigger bidding wars - Washington Post
Five Key Housing Issues to Watch in 2010 - WSJ
Foreclosures weigh on home appraisals - AP

Lax Oversight Caused Crisis, Bernanke Says - NY Times
Fed’s Tools for Easing Stimulus Include Asset Sales, Kohn Says - Bloomberg
Bernanke Says Regulation Came ‘TooLate’ to Curb Housing Bubble - Bloomberg
Bernanke, pro and con - LA Times

Dubai opens world's tallest building - Globe and Mail
Relic of Antarctica's first plane found on ice-edge - Reuters
Beijing, Seoul Hit by Heaviest Snow in More Than Half Century - Bloomberg
Montana's big sky views become bigger tax burdens - LA Times



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