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Elizabeth Warren talks with Bill Maher

Monday, February 22, 2010

Elizabeth Warren was on Real Time with Bill Maher last Friday offering hope to the millions of Americans who continue to be confounded by soaring profits and lavish bonuses on Wall Street that go hand-in-hand with the lack of meaningful financial market reform after the worst financial market meltdown since the Great Depression.

Clearly, Maher isn't that well informed on these topics, however, it's nice that he had Warren on to help spread the word about the influence of bank lobbying on elected officials and the well funded effort to preserve the status quo that, left unchecked, will no doubt lead us all down a similar path to the next financial crisis.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah Obama is Bush is Paulson is Geithner. The music just keeps playing...

Greg in LA said...

I use to think that Elizabeth Warren was pretty smart or at least an independent mind that was on top of things, but now I am not so sure.
What is this nonsense that she was saying about "it is the lobbyist preventing any changes to correct the problems" and "there are just to many lobbyists".
It sounds like some hogwash that Obama is forcing her to regurgitate. Just hang up on the freaking lobbyists and don't give them the power.

Anonymous said...

While I neither agree nor disagree with the video, I'm curious if Bill's own particular "bonus" (earnings) matches up with his results? HBO isn't exactly lighting things on fire. They knocked $10/month off mine just so I wouldn't cancel. And I can re-up that in 6 months. Has Bill been given a corresponding pay cut?

"The system" exists in many fields, not just wall street. It allows one to profit based on interpersonal relationships and a buddy system of scratching each other's backs rather than true value to the bottom line. I'm sure it exists in hollywood as well.

Heck, I know it does. Read the various books on Eisner at Disney. "Here pal, here's $150M to NOT work here . Sorry your 9 month tenure didn't work out."


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