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Friday, February 19, 2010

Study: States must fill $1 trillion pension gap - AP
Discount-Rate Hike Signals End to Emergency Measures - Bloomberg
Bleak Economy Pushing Health Insurers to Raise Rates, Analysts Say - NY Times
Politics in America: What's gone wrong in Washington? - Economist
Banks: We'll give you money to save money - CNN/Money
Senate panel mulls watered down "Volcker rule" - Reuters
Wall Street's Bailout Hustle - Taibbi, Rolling Stone
Debt-tastrophe - Hoenig, NY Post

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Oil falls to near $78 on US dollar rally - AP
Gold falls, reverses gain after Fed rate move - Reuters
Bank Profits Ready to Tumble, Stocks to Fall: Whitney - CNBC
Fed action lifts dollar, unsettles global stocks - Reuters
Gold futures drop as much as $19 an ounce - MarketWatch
Americans doubt their stock-market savvy: survey - Reuters

Consumer prices rise less than expected - Reuters
Recovery: A long bearish road ahead - CNN/Money
Rethinking economics: Radical thoughts on 19th Street - Economist
Philly Fed Factory Activity Index up in Feb - ABC News
Leading indicators rise 0.3 pct in January - AP

In Greece, the people carry on - Fortune
Asia Leads the Global End to Cheap Money - NY Times
Economists back Darling on delaying U.K. spending cuts - MarketWatch
Germany and the euro: Let the Greeks ruin themselves - Economist
China Still Set for Asset Bubble After Reserve Rise, CLSA Says - Bloomberg
More Chinese find homes priced beyond reach - MyDigitialFC
Sovereign-debt theories: Domino theory - Economist
Greece replaces head of debt management agency - AP

Mortgage rates fall to near-record lows - O.C. Register
In D.C., more evidence that CRE headed for foreclosure crisis - Washington Post
Short sales grow as a cheaper alternative to foreclosure - LA NY Times
How lenders decide whether to modify your mortgage - MarketWatch

Fed hikes discount rate buy not tightening policy - Reuters
Silver lining for stock futures' post-Fed fall - MarketWatch
Fed challenge: Can markets handle a tilt toward tighter credit? - LA Times
Fed's Next Step Is to Withdraw Liquidity: Meyer - CNBC

Don't Fall For The Scam On Pages 60 and 61 - Consumerist
German luger chips a tooth biting his medal - Yahoo! Sports
After the Bubble, Beauty Is But Fleeting for Greenspan Portraits - WSJ
Which is Worth More - The House or the Marijuana Inside? - ZillowBlog



But What do I Know? said...

The AP headline reveals the real issue--States Must Fill $1 Trillion Pension Gap. The implication is that the money needs to be raised. Why not just reduce the amount of pensions payable to meet the amount of money available and declare victory?

I know it's not "fair" to the employees and retirees, but surely it is also not "fair" to ask current and future taxpayers to scrimp and give up money to pay obligations they never received any benefit from.

The temptation to take Choice B from above will become more and more enticing every day.


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