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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sen. Dodd's regulatory rewrite - Washington Post
Concerns About Greece Return to the Markets - AP
Great Britain Stars in Its Own Greek Tragedy - Spiegel Online
Jim Cramer's TheStreet Is Being Investigated By The SEC - Zero Hedge
More homeowners are opting for 'strategic defaults' - LA Times
So You Want to Walk Away from the Mortgage… - WSJ
Marc Faber: We Have a New Gold Standard - CNBC
Elizabeth Warren's war - Fortune

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Oil futures edge lower as dollar gains - MarketWatch
Gold steadies as haven buying offsets weak euro - Reuters
Rally on: Dow hits highest level since October 2008 - LA Times
Oil Has $88 a Barrel as Next ‘Port of Call’: Technical Analysis - Bloomberg
Rick Rule: Systemic Shock Will Kill Sucker Rally - Gold Report
Letters that foresaw 2008 crash are skeptical - MarketWatch

Jobless Claims Down, CPI Tame Amid Slow Recovery - CNBC
Researchers see more gains to come in the economy - MarketWatch
New trend: 'Co-working,' where people share office space - USA Today
44 of 172 Detroit schools slated to close in June - AP
Congress passes a jobs bill. Good for it. - Time

Greece threatens to call in IMF as Europe dithers - Telegraph
U.S. Ambassador Calls China's Currency Stance 'a Real Concern' - NY Times
Canada Plays Down Concerns as Currency Approaches U.S. Parity - Bloomberg
How will an RMB revaluation affect China, the US, and the world? - China Financial Markets
Germany Seeks IMF Role for Greece in Reversal, Lawmaker Says - Bloomberg
'The EU Has Made Things Too Easy for the Greeks' - Spiegel Online
German Call for Austerity Has Europe Grumbling - NY Times
Japan Commercial Land Prices Slump to Record - Bloomberg

More investors buy at repo auctions - O.C. Register
TARP Inspector Barofsky Puts HAMP Under the Microscope - Housing Wire
Bank supervision and the Federal Reserve - EconBrowser
The Home-Buyer Tax Credit Countdowns Begin - WSJ

Gov't bank auditors got big bonuses - AP
Bernanke Says Dodd Plan Would Harm Fed’s Ability to Spot Risks - Bloomberg
Why Dodd's Financial Reform Bill Is A Lesson On How 'Broken' The Senate Is - HuffPo
Bernanke and the Fed say they’re gonna get it right…next time! - MarketWatch
Would Fed Become the ‘Too-Big-To-Fail Regulator’? - WSJ

Obama plays it safe, picks Kansas in NCAAs - UPI
Trump is reviving 'Apprentice' with regular folks - AP
Germans Cringe at Hitler's Popularity in Pakistan - Spiegel Online
Airline crew face jail over sexy texts - Reuters



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