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Ventura County real estate sales by type

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thanks to the Effective Demand blog, whose proprietor left a comment in the previous post pointing to some data for real estate sales in my former stomping grounds of Ventura County, the chart below was promptly whipped up.
IMAGE This is actually a very good way to look at things and activity this summer should be quite interesting to watch. If you could provide that data ED (sorry, couldn't find your name, so I'll just call you ED), I'd be happy to update this chart throughout the year.


Anonymous said...

I was just commenting to my wife this morning that the VC Star reported over 60 notice of trustee sales today. This is up from the average of 20 or so over the last 3months and has been increasing over the last few weeks. Looks like another wave up of foreclosures has started.

Effective Demand said...

Thanks for the shout out TMTGM.

That is a much better way to present the data than my table.

For this particular data set I usually pull the data the 1st of every month and will usually have it up no later than the morning of the 2nd day. You are more than welcome to use whatever data from the site you wish and add me to your blog roll.

My other favorites for defining the market in VC are the Demand vs Inventory graphic:

And the loan to value ratio scatter graph (bit of a lag on this one due to recording dates & time it takes to massage the data):

I'll email you whenever I post the Short Sale/REO inventory table if you would like.

Tim said...

OK - thanks.

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