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Julie on high gasoline prices

Monday, May 05, 2008

Julie hits the streets to find out how badly the sky high oil prices are squeezing New Yorkers at the pump. Also see the recently updated California SUV Fill Up Index.


Anonymous said...

High gasoline prices?

I think not!

Back in 1964 (long before any oil embargos, gas lines, or rationing), gasoline was a mere $0.30 per gallon; 3 dimes.

This week, the national average price for gas was $3.62 per gallon.

It just so happens that the silver in those three 1964 dimes is today worth exactly $3.62.

Gasoline is not expensive; US dollars are cheap.

Don't blame 'greedy' oil companies; blame the irresponsible federal government and federal reserve.

Anonymous said...


Right now yes there is a low supply of fuel, but not to the point where we have to pay this much in gas.

Oil companies are making the most they've ever made and were getting scammed especially here in Montreal where it's 139.1 Per Liter !

I found this great article the other day that explains how to save 40% of gas...

I really suggest you read it, it's already been on Fox news an the number of people doing that are becoming more common especially in Europe.


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