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The return of the California SUV Fill Up Index

Monday, April 28, 2008

It's been almost a year and exactly 50 cents per gallon since the California SUV Fill Up Index was last published here - sorry about the delay.
There used to be two lines in the table at the $75 and $100 levels, however, the former indicator (getting away at under $75) has dropped off the bottom.

All totals assume a bone-dry tank and regular unleaded gasoline which goes for $3.90 or more around most of the state, except for places like Costco where you can still get it for $3.80 or maybe a little less (see California Gas Prices for details).

The table has been updated to reflect 2008 models. Regrettably both the Hummer H1 and the Ford Excursion that had previously topped the list were discontinued in 2006 and 2005, respectively. The Lincoln Aviator also bit the dust a couple years ago.

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Anonymous said...

it's about time you brought this back you slacker :>

Lisa said...

My Chevy Aveo was nearly empty this weekend and it took a whopping $33 to fill it. I've never had to pay that much before!

tj & the bear said...

How does the Suburban get a $4 break over the Yukon -- despite same tank size -- and yet still top the list?


Lou Minatti said...

Costs me $35 to fill my Rav4 and I am still looking to save money.

Tim said...

Haste makes waste - there were a few out of order at the bottom as well. All fixed up now.

Anonymous said...

If you still drive your old 2006 H1Hummer, it runs on diesel at $4.50/gal. So 53 gal X $4.50 = $238.50!!! You are the king.

Mike D. Jr. in PA said...

wow, so for those folks that own any of the 30 different vechiles, the $300 stimulus check from the government will at best fill my tank 2 or 3 times?

That's just not enough to make a difference.

Anonymous said...

Please consider adding another column using average miles driven per day by Cali commuters (or something) to estimate what the monthly cost of fueling those monsters is. Those at the top end of this chart will look far worse if the costs of driving X miles per day or fill-ups per month were captured.

All this makes moving out of Cali several years ago, selling into the bubble peak, and driving now only enough to require monthly fill-ups that much sweeter.

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