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Is Fox News math challenged?

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

The Daily Show's Jon Stewart takes a close look at the numbers behind a global warming poll presented on Fox News and suspects the data might be manipulated in some way.

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Having never seen Fox & Friends other than via clips on the Daily Show, it's not clear what to make of the Gretchen Carlson segment, but, whatever's going on there doesn't look good.


Anonymous said...

that's hilarious. fox complains about scientists and can't even make their polls add up to 100%

Anonymous said...

Stupid sloppy error. Still, viewers vote with their remote controls that they'd rather have this than hopelessly biased reports they can't trust from many other networks. (not that Fox isn't biased, but they're the only one slanting right vs many others slanting left). Only a fool would today not seek multiple sources of news to filter out the bias. The problem is, most don't.

Tim said...

But, it's so much easier to just pick a team and then root for them rather than thinking for yourself...

AJ said...

Wow. So, at first, I was like, "lol, you can tell it's over 100 from the tens digits alone!"

Then I saw that Gretchen was valedictorian, graduated from Standford with honors, went to Oxford (the one in Europe!).

Stashing her IQ in an offshore account, indeed...

Anonymous said...

In 2001, approx. 19 percent of Stanford's class graduated with honors. I recall reading a while back that over 90% of Stanford
freshmen sucessfully graduate.

Evidently, once one gets on the
gravy train, its easy to stay on.


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