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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Why Greece Could Be the Next Dubai - Time
American Dream 2: Default, Then Rent - WSJ
Dollar Could Continue Rising Even Without the Fed's Help - CNBC
Wells Fargo Cuts as Much as 30 Percent in Principal From Loans - Bloomberg
Bank-Friendly Dems Shut Down House, Threaten To Kill Wall Street Reform - HuffPost
Pre-Budget report: gilts slide as investors worry about Britain's finances - Telegraph
Americans Grow More Pessimistic on Economy, Nation’s Direction - Bloomberg
Hedge funds tip-toe toward an uncertain future - Reuters
Obama to meet with bank CEOs - CNN/Money

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Oil rises to $71 despite signs of weak US demand - AP
Gold Extends Its Gains After U.S. Jobless Claims - FBN
Albert Edwards: Here Comes The Next Leg Of The Bear-Market - Zero Hedge
Richard Russel Expects the Next Downturn to be "Vicious" - Pragmatic Capitalist
Kass: A Couple of Concerns - Kass,
Bear Market Intersection -

New jobless claims rise more than expected to 474K - AP
Downturn keeping Americans' wanderlust in check - Washington Post
The President's Jobs Initiative Doesn't Measure Up - Reich, HuffPost
Inventories at U.S. Wholesalers Unexpectedly Grew - Bloomberg
We’re Not Done With The Jobs Report - MarketTalk

UK interest rate remains at 0.5% - BBC
State reveals 1st steps to lift economy - China Daily
Forex: Aussie, kiwi jump on rates focus; euro weak - Reuters
Recession Elsewhere, but It’s Booming in China - NY Times
Dubai Shares Jump, CDS Fall as Emaar Calls Off Merger Plans - Bloomberg
Thank God for the Economic Crisis, Says Brazil's Lula - Brazzilmag
For Global Finance, Global Regulation - Sarkozy, Brown WSJ
Mexico Has Hedged Oil for 2010 at $57 a Barrel - Bloomberg
Auto stimulus retained for 2010 - China Daily

US Foreclosures Show Decline, But Drop May Be Temporary - CNBC
Mortgage agency's growth gives fuel to risky lenders - Washington Post
Los Angeles area homes lose $60.8 billion in value through November - LA Times
Trulia: High-End Home Price Reductions Set To Accelerate Next Year - Business Insider
White Paper Sees Strategic Defaults Rise with Negative Equity - HousingWire
Option ARMs and the "Time Bomb" - Fixed Income Color

US House to Debate Financial Regulation Overhaul - CNBC
Centrist, conservative Democrats delay financial reform debate - HuffPost
Chart of the day: The big banks get bigger - Reuters
Citi Is Eager to Pay Back Bailout Aid - NY Times

Copenhagen's political science - Palin, Washington Post
Pop culture main reason Calif has Chihuahua crisis - AP
The New PGA Tour: No Tiger Woods - Business Insider
Windows 7 complaints begin - CNN/Money



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