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A sense of humor at Countrywide

Friday, October 05, 2007

As evidenced by this memo posted on the front door of a Countrywide office in San Francisco, it is clear that at least one employee someone has maintained a sense of humor.

This comes from W. C. Varone's blog, via the ever helpful housing site.

Here's what it looked like to employees about to begin another day at work for the beleagured mortgage lender based in Calabasas, California.

As there were Countrywide offices all around my old neighborhood in Southern California - new ones springing up, old ones being expanded, new ones being acquired - the company's current troubles are of particular interest not only because of what must now be viewed as an overly optimistic expansion, but because of friends who work there.

Time to go to work.

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Anonymous said...

ha ha ha - how long did that memo stay up? - mozilo makes it seem like our business "leaders" are just a bunch of greedy f*ckers. what a pile of crap - some motivational campaign while he sells his stock.

Anonymous said...

Not to spoil your posting, but I don't think it was a CFC employee who put that hilarious memo up. On Varones' blog, it says "It was an amazing stroke of luck that a Varones photographer was there to capture it on film as employees read the memo."

You've got to read into the sarcasm sometimes. Besides, everyone at CFC knows the bands are green, not blue.

Tim said...

Good point - see the strikethrough above. Yeah, an amazing stroke of luck...

Anonymous said...

F Orangelo Mozillo and his "Bleed the staff" mentality. It is a complete line of crap on the walls of EVERY Countrywide Office "Do The Right Thing". Orangelo certainly is, for his over paid uber rich ass, but screw everyone else who made him that wealthy! Well, F YOU!!

Anonymous said...

May goodness, it is so easier to judge than to know the truth. I feel sorry for the folks that believe in these blogs.

Anonymous said...

I was Country Wide is so dirty they should run for Congress(single payer is off the table why??)

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