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A table that needed updating

Friday, February 29, 2008

After completing the end-of-the-week model portfolio tally for Iacono Research, the companion investment website that has received far too little promotion lately here at the blog, the following table was clearly in need of an update.
Contrary to what you'll hear from investment advisers or what you'll see in Money Magazine and other personal finance publications, the model portfolio's current asset allocation is only about one-third equities and most of these are mining stocks.

Of course, an all-palladium asset allocation would now be up 56 percent so far in 2008, so there's definitely room for improvement.

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Anonymous said...

Theres no relief from foreign stocks either. Everything is down 10 percent or more. Well done, whatever it is that you do :>

Anonymous said...


Your chart has nothing to say about the risk that you are taking vs. these indexes and so your analysis could be meaningless.

Tim said...

This isn't an analysis, this is historical performance and do you think anyone can properly assess risk these days? Do you think I'd be better off in risk-free muni-bonds right now?

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