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Home sellers slow on the uptake

Monday, March 31, 2008

This MSNBC clip comes courtesy of the National Bubble blog, a site dedicated to "exposing the real estate bubble and the greedy people behind it".

Carina - "as long as it takes" may turn out to be a lot longer than you think...

Can you believe media outlets still call David Lereah for interviews?

Also see last week's Waiting for that one, dumb home buyer.

A related site, Stop the Mortgage Bailout, along with, appear to be ground-zero for the nascent movement to stop Congress from spending taxpayer money to bailout the housing market.

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fish said...

She's not willing to drop the price....okay...then she is welcome to keep the house! No skin off my backside! I hope she can afford to live there though!

P.S. Trotting out David Lereah to explain real estate pricing issues....thats Chutzpah! Man I thought he was in the Witness Protection Program!

little larry sellers said...

Maybe those sellers are reading Ben Stein articles, like this new one:

I'm just glad Ben was able to take time away from his busy schedule pushing intelligent design to assure us the economy is just dandy. US stocks are a bargain, so buy now!

Funny how Stein praises Jim Rogers, yet seems determined to deliver the opposite message Rogers would.

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