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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Another tip of the hat to AD who always seems to come across really good stuff. This one from reminds me of the Demotivator series from

New from Despair: Possibilities

Here's one for Treasury Secretary Paulson:

And one for Fed chairman Bernanke:

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ndd said...

Terrific poster! Made my morning.

Anonymous said...

I remember that when it happened in Burbank a few years ago. Crazy.

Anonymous said...

Automotivator can make images that look even closer to the motovational and despair styles.

Anonymous said...

That's not Burbank -- there's snow on the ground.

If it's the accident I'm thinking of, a little boy riding in that car was killed. Makes me regret the belly laugh I had when first looking at the picture.

MelechRic said...

I believe it is Burbank and the "snow" on the ground is actually flame retardant foam. If you notice, the sidewalk is covered with foam, yet the grass above it isn't.

Anonymous said...

That was definitely Burbank.

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