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A new face at the Hard Assets Investment Conference

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Guess who's speaking at the Hard Assets Investment Conference in New York in less than two months?

-- Moi! --

The folks at IIC (International Investment Conferences) contacted me a couple weeks ago and asked if I'd like to come and talk for a half hour in one of their Master Classes and serve as moderator for one of their panels.

I said, "Count me in!"

The title of my presentation is "Buy the Stocks, or Buy the Commodities?" - a subject that should already be very familiar to current subscribers at Iacono Research.

Other newsletter writers that will also be there include Jay Taylor, James Dines, Dennis Gartman, Peter Grandich, John Doody, and about a dozen more.

I think I've poked fun at two or more of these gentlemen in the past - I wonder if there will be any awkward meetings...

Of course, hundreds of mostly small-cap natural resource companies will be there as well. I attended the conference last Fall in San Francisco and thought it was a great way to listen to and talk to (if you are so inclined) company officials and investor relations types.

Much of last week was spent getting details squared away - arranging travel, photos, biographical material, etc. - it should be quite a thrill.

If any of you are in the area, please feel free to stop by and give me a hard time.

Oh yeah, here's the new face:
That old Hawaii picture on the Bio page of the blog just didn't seem appropriate - I'm surprised I remembered how to tie that tie!

There will be more details on this event in the weeks ahead and I'll probably post the presentation over at the website before I depart.

And go easy in the comments section in critiquing the photo above. I know, I know - I should have shaved.

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Anonymous said...

I love hard asse(t)s!

Anonymous said...

GEEZ. You said "a new face" and I looked below to see Greendog not realizing I had to hit the "Read More" button at first. That was a close call.

TC said...

Congrats! Nice to see that you are being recognized..

fat_tail_rider said...


Congratulations! The recognition is well-earned.

Anonymous said...

Is that your mug shot! (just kidding) Keep the other people in line - Give 'em hell. :-)

RE said...

Congratulations! You look at little conventional in that tie but if it must be then it must!

Tim said...

Thanks everyone :>

dearieme said...

Officer, arrest that man!

Grodge said...


A beard would look professorial, let in grow in a bit more...

...or maybe go the mature hipster look with a goatee.

Keep up the good work!

fish said...

Or if I can expand upon what Grodge addition to the goatee, add little round glasses, and perhaps a beret and you can go as an early 19th century Russian revolutionary!

P.S. When are you going to have another Iacono Research $99.00 special?

Tim said...

I don't think you'll ever see that price again - rates are going up again next month. You can still get two years for $229 or $114.50 per year here.

fish said...

You're killin me....My fault though! I should have jumped on the last one!

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