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Opus on the stimulus

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Having never read Opus before and having only the vaguest notion of what a turnip twaddler is didn't stop this comic strip (hat tip RC) from eliciting a big belly laugh.

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Anonymous said...

"Turnip twaddler" dates back the bloom county days. It represents a generic useless invention marketed via infomercials on latenight television. Think Ronco.

Anonymous said...

It's a Garden Weasel!!

Anonymous said...

I love Opus most of the time. I have most of the Bloom County books and often read them for nostalgia. The cartoon you posted was from last week. This week's is funny as well:

Anonymous said...

And the usually not-funny comic Non Sequitur was pretty good, too:

donna said...

Um, how have you not seen Opus in the 20 years he's been around?!

thesilentcritic said...

Made in China?

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