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Guess the mid-year price of oil and gold!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Welcome to the fourth semi-annual "Guess the price of oil and gold contest" where readers can compete to win a free one-year subscription to the companion investment website Iacono Research. Past contests have produced the following results:
The last contest was won by VP who is now enjoying the benefits of the subscription site, hopefully benefiting from some of the recent upward price movements.
We're on our way out for a road trip or I might blather on a bit more on the subject. The rules remain the same - only the dates have changed.

The contest is based on the combined percentage differences between the guessed values and the closing prices on June 30th, 2008 using the near-month (August) Nymex futures contract for WTI crude oil and the COMEX closing price for gold bullion.

Entries may be made either by posting them in the comments section of this post or sending mail to either or All entries must be received no later than April 22nd, two weeks from today - there will be two more notices such as this one as reminders and current subscribers can win a free one-year extension to their existing subscription.

The winner will be announced on June 30th - good luck to all!


Here's our roadtrip for the next couple days - a mini-tour of the California Gold Country.

Not sure what, if anything, will appear here between now and Thursday.

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To learn more about investing in natural resources using commonly traded ETFs, stocks, and mutual funds, see this description at Iacono Research. Or, sign up for a free trial.


Pool Shark said...

Gold => $970
Oil => $118

DLP said...

Oil $115, Gold $905

dmsteidl said...

Oil -> $95
Gold -> $850

Eric said...

Oil --> $109.56
Gold -> $1023.30

Hey - maybe that $0.56 will give me the edge I need to win! :)


Anonymous said...

Oil $128
Gold $1100

Banner said...

Oil: $115
Gold: $1050

Zeke said...

Oil: $116
Gold: $1092

Nick said...

Wave at Pine Grove when you go by there on your trip... I grew up there. :)

And since I'm posting anyway, I guess I'll guess:
Oil: $112
Gold: $890

Ben said...

Oil: 93.25
Gold: 898

Dan said...

CL $120
GC $1,200

Molly said...

I'll play..

Oil $124
Gold $1300

Sira said...

Oil ---> $117
Gold --> $1031

intergalactic said...

oil: $121.08
gold: $1388

Steve said...

new here, but I'll guess:
oil: $92.53
gold: $863.78

bradinsb said...


donna said...

Oil $119
Gold $960

David said...

GOLD = 850
WTI = 94

Linda said...

gold 980
oil 114

jopo said...

oil $153
gold $1356

EEngineer said...

gold $990
oil $117

Vespucian said...

Oil $127
Gold $1,020

TenguPhule said...

Gold: $1160
Oil: $127

Southern Quebec said...

Gold: $1000
Oil: $110

Flakmeister said...

Oil: $117
Au: $988

And at no extra charge

S&P 1292
Ag: $19.75

TH said...

oil: $89
gold: $743

Anonymous said...
Oil: $111
Gold: $990

little larry sellers said...

Oil: $129
Gold: $1058

Anonymous said...

Oil $165
Gold #2000

fyl said...

oil 120
gold 950

Reaper said...

Oil $145
Gold $1060

MW said...

OIL $127
GOLD $1047

imensik said...

Oil $149
Gold $960

Tim said...

This contest is now closed to entries.

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