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Mike Norman? At Hard Assets Investor??

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

What's a guy who sold his gold at $400 doing hosting a debate on "Gold as an investment class" at the Hard Assets Investor website, taking the negative side of the debate against Peter Schiff? Here's the two of them on YouTube having much the same discussion:

You have to go to the Hard Assets Investor website (run by Van Eck Associates) to play the most recent debate which ends up much the same way as the one above.

Mike Norman? At Hard Assets Investor??

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little larry sellers said...

I don't know much about Hard Assets Investor, but those Mike Norman interviews are awful. I like Schiff but a lot of Norman's other guests might as well work for the Bernanke Fed with their incessant cheerleading. Michael Woolfolk, Robert Hormats, and Steven Schork have little to say other than repeating that the US economy, the dollar, and Wall St are all just fine so the public shouldn't worry their little heads about anything. Oh, and inflation isn't a problem either.

If the rest of the site is like these Mike Norman interviews, it might as well be called The Anti-Hard Assets Investor.

Anonymous said...

Well that was fair and balanced. The 'moderator' insisted on equal time at the start. Don't think is was equal though. How come the Dow cheerleaders always yell and get away with it ? If a bear yelled, they would be instantly labelled hysterical.

Anonymous said...

This is the same tool who actually had the audacity (or more likely stupidity) to deny that there had been artificially low lending standards during the housing bubble! He sounded really smug doing it too. Check out 2:30 into this:

It's amazing to me that these people continue to get put on tv etc. after being so wrong so often.

Anonymous said...

Whoa, I just watched that youtube link (posted in the prior comment) to the end... at the end, Norman is snickering in the most smug and derisive manner imaginable at the suggestion -- the CORRECT suggestion -- that home prices would fall. You've got to watch it to believe the level of smug douchiness.

Anonymous said...

Mike Norman epitomizes the crooked cheerleading stock market goon. This type of creature has little or no shame at being consistently wrong.

Anonymous said...

I just watched that link - more ranting by Mike - how surprising. The guy needs to be taught some manners. In the good old days gentlemen behaved like gentlemen, because they knew they stood a fair chance of being called out and killed, if they behaved like this.

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