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Unfortunately, this is no joke either

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

None of this seems to make sense - you might think that they really know what they're doing in Washington and on Wall Street, but you'd probably be wrong.

Short-term rates have dropped like a rock, but mortgage rates aren't coming down much - the rates that have come down are the ones that punish savers - rates on Certificates of Deposit are plunging.

The earnings on that six-month Sep 27th CD just got a forty percent haircut when it was rolled over a couple days ago - from 5 percent down to 3 percent - and it's not looking too good for July 22nd.

Is it any wonder people are buying gold?


Anonymous said...

I don't know Tim - you probably should've taken that April 27 money and bought some JPM and some C :>

Tim said...

That's funny.

Cow said...

Same here in Canada--my "high-yield" (ha) savings rate and terms of deposit rate are both plummeting.

So, more into gold and less into those. Fine by me.

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