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A gold proposal

Thursday, May 08, 2008

This came in the mail earlier today. It seems that Kona needs assistance in handling some gold sales and investing the proceeds. I might be able to help...


Am writing you with a great honour and I hope my letter will be a surprise to you since we have not meet personally. I saw your contact from the my father's address book. This gives me the courage and assurance that you are one of my father's foreign partners.

My name is Kona Outara a student of 22years old. I inherited 250 kilos of 22carat gold dust from my late father who was a reputable gold dealer in bouake northern part of ivory coast. the gold was deposited in a security company in belgium,and i have every necessary document that confirmed this said deposit,and also i have contacted the security company several times and they assure me of the safety of the gold.

Since i don't have any means to travel down to belgium,and i don't have any document to travel down to belgium, more over am too young to handle this gold for my security, i need your urgent assistance to enable me to continue my education in your country.

I am soliciting for your partnership in order to sale and invest the money in several fields especially real estate management.

I am also using this opportunity to inform you that I have no concepts of investment I would need your suggestions and assistance to sale and manage the money.

Waiting for a favourable reply.

Best greetings.
Kona Outara
Normally, you can scan these and look for a dollar amount and then quickly dispatch them, but this one made you do the math:
  • 250 kilos * 35.2 ounces/kilo * $900/ounce * 22/24 karat = $7 million+
That seems to be the standard amount - just under $10 million.

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Anonymous said...

Selling gold to invest in "real estate management." That proves at least the part is true about "I have no concepts of investment"!

- Pete

baddriver said...

he's from bukake huh? sounds like a messy situation

Rob Dawg said...

Dear Mr. Outara,
I have taken time out from my busy schedule to give you some good news. I have checked you story and it turns out your father had more than one deposit. You apparently never learned of the gold bars in addition to the gold dust. If you will so kindly forward the processing fees for release of this information your fortunes shall increase immensely. I ask nothing for my self other than the fees incurred and take pleasure in helping others in need.

Kindest regards, etc. etc.

Anonymous said...

Gold is measured in troy oz for which the conversion is 32.15, not 35.2.

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