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A short break

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Things went off without a hitch yesterday at the Hard Assets Investment Conference. A link to the paper that was the subject of my talk now appears directly to the right -->>

I'll be without internet access for most of the rest of the week so little if anything will appear here until my return to California - it's time for a short break.


Anonymous said...

``Lower inflation is extraordinarily important for the market,'' said Eric Green, who helps oversee about $4.5 billion as director of research at Penn Capital Management in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. ``It's wonderful news to have an economy that is being stimulated by a lot of things and at the same time prices are not going up. ''


Did You Know? said...

very nice blog... keep up the good work!!! God Bless!!!

Anonymous said...

I found this video from CNN rather disturbing, on several levels. We are now seeing parking lots in middle class CA reserved specifically for, and filling up with, people sleeping in their SUV’s. A modern day version of the Joads and the beginnings of the new American depression taking shape.

Incarnated as mobile homes, if this trend continues, our Exxon Mobil Detroit cabal induced SUV fleet may actually help in offsetting foreclosure induced rental demand. Maybe a bit of a stretch, but those empty retail parking lots and oil gobbling monsters may be put to a new use.

Tim said...

I'm back - thanks for the kind words and thank goodness inflation is again under control. I was a little concerned there.

Yes, lots of disturbing things going on these days. It's a good thing that winter is seven months away - sleeping in your car in Santa Barbara is one thing, doing it in the north in January is another.

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