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The California SUV fill up index at $4.00

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Well, we had our first $75 fill up the other day when we opted to go with the $4.05 regular for a full tank rather than putting in just enough to get us to the lower priced petrol at Costco next week. It's hard to believe that, when the SUV fill up index was started back in August of 2005, gas at $2.70 a gallon was a big deal.

While the national average reportedly reached $3.79 per gallon yesterday and in the state of California the price dipped slightly to $3.96, it's fours-across-the-board around here except for places like Costco and some ARCOs.

It won't be long until you start seeing diesel with a 5 handle in the Golden State. With prices down the road already at $4.89 per gallon and with no relief in sight until well into the summer (if then), it seems inevitable.

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dearieme said...

We've contained the cost of a fill-up by never letting the tank get below half full. Easy peasy.

Mathlete said...

I filled my sedan for $8 in 1999 (back when you could buy a barrel of oil for $10). We've gone from the lowest price ever to the highest price ever in less than a decade.

Anonymous said...

I just use my public light rail train, it comes on time every 10 minutes and gets me anywhere in town fast and cheap. Oh, but I forgot I now live in Sydney, back in CA the republicans successfully fought against public transportation, and higher CAFÉ standards. He, He, Ha, Ha, ...

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