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This is what five dollar gas looks like

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Via the L.A. Land blog - they say this is from Death Valley so it doesn't really count, but this is what it will look like someday in other areas.


Troy said...

At least there's not much BS price premium for diesel out there . . .

last summer I drove out from L.V. to the navajo areas for the first -- and consciously maybe last time in the gasoline economy.

baddriver said...

looks like europe

Anonymous said...

Baddriver -

Don't kind yourself - here is a May 22, 2008 picture of gas prices from an Esso (major European retail outlet) in Düsseldorf (which lies in the center of Germany's industrial zone, which has over 12 million citizens) -

Converting for premium gas: € 1.66 / liter * US$ 1.57 / € 1.0 * 3.79 liters / gallon = US $9.88 / gallon!

That's almost twice what we are paying (Death Valley aside) - but those prices will come here before too long.

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