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The California SUV Fill Up Index - skipping to $4.30

Thursday, June 05, 2008

By the end of the day, we'll have hit the 1,000 mark for miles driven this week and we'll have looked at more than our fair share of prices outside gasoline stations in the Golden State. It is with much confidence that the California SUV Fill Up Index is being advanced directly to $4.30 per gallon, skipping past the $4.20 level.

Thankfully, we don't drive an SUV. It's painful enough watching the fuel pump run all the way up to $68 - what must it be like to see it register $168?

Do they go that high?

A few years ago, the pumps would automatically shut off at $60, but they've obviously changed that.

Does anyone know if/where they stop now?

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Anonymous said...

Costco in Irvine just went from $99 to at least $146. Yes I do have a 2500 Suburban and I wasn't empty.

Anonymous said...

In Concord, CA gas was $4.21 Tuesday morning, but by evening the price had risen to $4.31 (the week before it was $4.18). Yesterday, one Chevron station was charging $4.41, but I saw this a.m. that they had dropped it back to $4.31.

Since the price per barrel dropped (from nearly $135 down to $122, now $124), perhaps the price at the pump will also drop. Then again, we are in the summer driving season (if anyone can afford to drive), so the price could remain in the $4.30+ range. I'm glad I no longer own a car.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Tim said...

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Dan said...

I saw a guy begging for someone to buy him gas today.... I'll bet there's more of that to come.

little larry sellers said...

That's a sad story, Dan. I heard gas siphoning is making a comeback too.

fish said...

Worse than siphoning....tank drilling is on the rise! Plastic tanks, portable drills + scumbags = a more destructive form of fuel theft!

Park in your garage if your able!

MelechRic said...

Leaving Camarillo this morning I saw regular advertised at the corner Mobil station for $4.41/gallon.


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