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The humor of $2.99 gasoline

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

This graphic from Salon (hat tip AD) answers the question of just how much fun you can have making fun of the new Chrysler promotion that guarantees three years of low prices for gasoline if you buy a gas guzzling vehicle.

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Anonymous said...

It's also ironic that $2.99 gas is now considered to be a bargain!

Eric said...

The first thing I thought about when I saw that commercial was, "I wonder how much money a family would save with this?" The gas is limited to 12,000 miles, and assuming 20 mpg, that's about 600 gallons - so from 600 to 1000 dollars (depending on what the price of gas does over the next three years).

This is just a slightly different version of $1000 cash back. Hike the prices by that much, blame inflation and it wouldn't even cost the company anything...

Anonymous said...

Leave it to the dolts at Salon to be arrogant about their own naivete.

All the 2.99 gas thing is is a variable rebate. They could offer a $3600 rebate or sucker people in knowing full well that the price of oil will likely drop within the next 12 months and the rebate would amount to somewhat less than $3600, and in installment payments.

Will Salon give us the same snarky attitude when stressed out public transit systems beg for massive fare increases because of higher fuel costs and added stress to the system? How about the inevitable transit workers strikes? How about the inevitable traffic tickets given to bike riders ignoring the rules of the road?

The devolution and entropy sure is entertaining though.

Anonymous said...

Do people realize that the resale value of large vehicle may not be that great in three years.


Anonymous said...

just doing the math on this, using the 12k mileage and avg 20mpg for bigger vehicles, you end up spending 1794 on gas. Buying a smaller more economical vehicle that avg 30mpg you end up spending 1836 on gas over the same 12k miles. so you would save 126 dollars over the three year span, and then after three yrs you are screwed...easy math dont buy a big vehicle i should know i own a truck, hence ride my motorcycle all the time now!

Anonymous said...


those dollar values are not accurate.

First, large vehicles get more like 12 to 19 mpg. 20 mpg is actually not that bad by the standard of cars/SUVS/Trucks driven in the US.

Secondly, if you go to the Federal DOT, they will tell you that a large SUV/Pickup, will, in current gas terms cost you close to $5000 a year. Something like a Corolla will cost you about $2200 a year, which is about as good as it gets - unless you buy a Prius or drive a motorcycle.

little larry sellers said...

We seem to be experiencing a spike in anonymous posts over the last several days. Is it really that difficult to pick a name?

Dan said...

"How about the inevitable traffic tickets given to bike riders ignoring the rules of the road?"

I've gotten a $500 one of those, but I thought I was following the rules of the road.... you see, as a bicyclist, you are part pedestrian and part automobile (can someone please tell me how the courts justify that one?) The laws governing infractions while on a bicycle are gray and the courts are nearly unchallengeable - if more people resort to bicycling, I guarantee we'll see a huge increase in ticketing.

Hey, Little Larry, "Is it really that difficult to pick a name?" You know what happens when you _____ a stranger in the A$$.


ymjdl said...

Ha! I've been posting with this name for several months and you're the first one to comment on its origins, dan.

My name seems fitting for gasoline price posts too, given images of a red sports car parked out front. Might have cost 30-35K (in 1997 dollars), depending on the options.

little larry sellers said...

Hmm, that was supposed to be me in the last post but I typed the word verification into the name. Forgive me, I'm not quite coherent after a long day at work.

Gimme a mulligan, Tim!

Dan said...

Yeah Little Larry,

I've seen your homework.

I like the handle - it is fitting - cheers

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