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Productivity among middle-age men plummets

Monday, June 16, 2008

If ever there was a time for Tivo, it is today. The U.S. Open Playoff between Tiger Woods and Rocco Mediate will be on the air for four or five hours but will only contain about 30 minutes of action, the rest of the time being filled by on-air personalities who will probably have to dig deep to think of something interesting to say by about the 6th hole.

Is it me, or does Johnny Miller not sound as whiney as he used to?

Of course, productivity among middle-age men will plummet today as millions of desk jockeys with pot-bellies and dreams of playing on the Senior PGA Tour tune in on company computers while at work.

Is there some way you can watch this with Tivo-like controls on your computer while still appearing to slave away for "The Man"?

You just know that, today, anyone who plays and watches a lot of golf will live in fear of the mostly clueless hacker down the aisle bursting into their cubicle this afternoon to say, "Tiger won" or "Rocco won".

Early retirement has some surprising benefits.

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Greyhair said...

You know Tim, I've all but given up watching sports. All the "up close and personal" and other B.S. (other than the .... like .... actual sport) is so in the way and annoying that I can't stand it anymore. I do watch football .... after the game is over so I can cut out the crap including all the boozo-like gorillas they call "analysts".

Rant over.

Tim said...

I don't think I could bear to watch any sports without a Tivo or some other form of DVR.

little larry sellers said...

Like greyhair, I don't enjoy watching sports nearly as much as I used to. They have become far too corporate and ticket prices are astronomical. I've grown fond of international soccer, but the diving and injury faking sucks a lot of fun out of it.

However, I do passively follow Cleveland teams just to see if my old hometown will ever win a championship in any sport in my lifetime.

Anonymous said...

I like curling. Most of the "pros" have day jobs. It's what used to make some of the Olympic events worth following.

d said...

Whats a good dvr out there?

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