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Monday, June 30, 2008

BIS renews slump fears as global economy pays the price - Telegraph UK
The Next Victim of the Real Estate Crisis - BusinessWeek
Inflation in eurozone at new high - BBC
Hoarding Nations Drive Food Costs Ever Higher - NY Times
Fisking Michael Masters: Part II - Seeking Alpha

Oil prices pass $143 a barrel - AP
Gold Rises, Set for Quarterly Gain, on Dollar - Bloomberg
BP chief Tony Hayward says era of 'cheap energy' is over - Telegraph UK

Midwest business activity less weak in June - AP
World needs tough monetary policy to tackle inflation - Reuters
AP-Yahoo News poll: 9 in 10 hit hard by gas prices - AP

The Real Estate Nightmare I Found In Las Vegas - Blog Metro
The Housing Abyss - BusinessWeek
Lenders create a bankruptcy monster - MSN Money

The end of the superbubble - MSN Money
Inflation Menace Has Echoes of Volcker's Days: - Bloomberg

Vietnam Errs in Bid to End Grey Market in Dong - Bloomberg
Canada's economy rebounds - Globe & Mail
Third of Britons 'unable to save' - BBC

What's Colorless and Tasteless And Smells Like . . . Money? - Washington Post

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Edward Harrison said...


That post about the BIS from Evans Pritchard is really getting around. I caught it as did Calculated Risk. The BIS annual report is out too.

Michael Panzner also caught a related article on his blog. I suggest everyone see that one too.

In ode to the BIS and the Great Depression nod, I tracked the price pattern from 1928-1932. Here is what the overall chart looks like and the 6 false bear market rallies:

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