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You think gas is expensive here?

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Data from a table listing fuel prices in various European countries from this BBC story has been converted from pounds per litre to dollars per gallon below.
Compared to the U.S., these prices reflect relatively modest increases over the last few years largely because taxes account for most of the price at the pump.

If anyone has any details on how much gasoline and diesel prices have risen in Europe in recent years, please leave a comment.

As I recall, when we visited the U.K. back in early 2005, we paid 80-90 pence per litre which would mean today's prices are up by between 30 and 45 percent. Back then, unleaeded regular in the U.S. was still around $2 a gallon meaning that domestic prices have risen about 100 percent.

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ScaredInCA said...

High prices in Europe to an extent is govt policy driven to reduce dependence on foreign oil and it did succeed to a large extent. People in Europe tend to live near work, drive small cars, drive less distances relying more on public transportation. Here in USA, we drive bigger cars, drive longer distances and hence it hurts more here.

Anonymous said...

If you look at use per person by country...

You see that the use of gas for a person in Switzerland would be the same as an American paying $3.03/gal. (3.7/8.35*6.86=3.03). That is why they had high taxes, so they would be ready for today!!!
The good news is americas solutions are off the shelf, just downsize.

ForeShadow said...

You cannot just compare the price of oil without comparing the average salary and demographics. This doesn't show anything. This looks more like a bullshit story from the government to make people stop complaining. Even the cars used in most of those countries are a lot more economic than what we use in north America.
This is a better indicator, but this doesn't seem to be based on population consumption of products. This also includes companies, production, import and export.

Anonymous said...

You can't really compare European gas prices to American gas prices. European nations have smaller land areas and vast public transportation systems to support their citizens, so automobiles are much more of a luxury than they are in the United States. People in most areas in the US need autos and gas to commute to work, grocery stores, etc., where in Europe, all is within walking distance or near a public transportation system. Two different structured communities. You just can't compare the two. It's apples and oranges.

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Michael from Belgium here... When I see a gas station here, I see prices up to 1,68 euros per liter...

Converted to dollars and gallons, that's about $10/gallon ($9,8/gallon).

Oh yeah, there's still a minority that uses mass transit systems, we too have a long way to go... In the meantime, get used to it.

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