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Commodity prices during the first half

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Prices for 24 commodities and five commodity indexes over the last two and a half years are shown in the table below (all prices are as of last Friday). Gains through six months of 2008 have, generally, already exceeded the gains from all of last year.
Given what has happened over the last nine months, it's hard to imagine that energy prices actually fell in 2006, but they did. Of course, that had much to do with the late-2005 run-up following the Gulf Coast hurricanes. Natural gas prices, it seems, are making up for lost time this year.

As groups, both precious metals and agricultural commodities have been remarkably consistent over the last three years and, as might be expected due to a slowdown in global economic growth, base metal price increases have moderated since the big gains of 2006.

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semar said...

I can't belive some people are actually thinking there is no bubble in commodities. Anyway, what I see different this time is a small deflating bubble (would now still qualify as a bubble?)

Pot Smoker said...

semar... some people think it has more to do with a withering dollar. If you shrink the measuring stick ($), there is no reason to think the other end will adjust to make the old numbers reappear. It's all relative.

I don't think this accounts for everything, but it is probably a factor.

Commodity Prices said...

well i agree with semar that there is a bubble in commodity and it is evident with the cooling of crude prices. The commodity traders tend to speculate on demand-supply scenario and bring fluctuations in prices. The price volatality may be killing consumers but traders are making most out of it.

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