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Monday, July 21, 2008

The global economy is at the point of maximum danger - Telegraph UK
Treasury Secretary Paulson calls bank system secure - LA Times
Jet Fuel Costs Push Midwest Air to End Flights to 11 Cities - NY Times
Fair-Weather Capitalism Sweeps U.S. in Crisis - Bloomberg
Why the Mania Phase in Gold May Be Upon Us - Resource Investor

Oil Rises From Six-Week Low on Tropical Storm, Iran Tensions - Bloomberg
Metals - Gold jumps in line with high oil prices - FXStreet
ETF Securities gold ETC holdings rise 12 pct to record - Reuters

Leading economic indicators dip in June - MarketWatch
Economists: 2nd half growth likely to be anemic - AP
Uncomfortable Answers to Questions on the Economy - NY Times
U.S. Expansion May Be First in 60 Years Without Income Recovery - Bloomberg
Economy forces consumer evolution - USA Today

FDIC Faces Mortgage Mess After Running Failed Bank - WSJ
Krugman: Housing Won't Recover Until At Least 2011 - NY Observer
Reality trumps ideology in Fannie-Freddie rescue - AP

Bernanke, Paulson Pressed to Seek Big-Government Bank Bailout - Bloomberg
Feds can't fix Fannie and Freddie - MSN Money
Goldman's Wilson to advise Paulson on banking: report - Reuters
Paulson Says Fannie-Freddie Plan Critical to Confidence in U.S. - Bloomberg

Hundreds of thousands face job loss in UK, says top economist - Guardian
EU offers 60% cut in farm tariffs - BBC
UK heading into recession, BOE's Blanchflower warns - Telegraph UK
U.K. Home Prices Drop Most Since 2002, Rightmove Says - Bloomberg
Bank lending lies at heart of UK recession risk - Telegraph UK

Twitter took off from simple to 'tweet' success - USA Today
Buyer Beware: The Many Ways Retailers Can Trick You - LiveScience

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