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Sentinel Dome

Friday, July 25, 2008

Having been to Yosemite National Park many times over the last 15 years, it is a mystery why we've never taken the short hike to Sentinel Dome as we did the other day. Going relatively early in the morning, we had the whole place to ourselves and the "stitched" panorama you see below was our view of things.

If you right click on the image (~1.5 MB) and save it to your computer or open it in a browser window/tab, you'll be able to see the full size image beginning with El Capitan on the left, Half Dome just left of center, and El Capitan again on the right. "Mouse-over" the image, if necessary, and click again when the little magnifying glass thingy appears.


Anonymous said...

that's a wonderful photo - thanks

Troy said...

best one of Sentinel Dome I've seen, next time I'm in the park I'll certainly make that turn.

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