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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

T. Boone Pickens could gain from his energy plan, but so might we - LA Times
Foreclosures' financial strains take toll on kids - USA Today
John Templeton, Investor, Dies at 95 - New York Times
Selling land for gold, not VND - VietNamNet Bridge
Funding rises for clean-tech start-ups - USA Today

Gold rebounds on Iran missile test, off two-week low - Reuters
Oil rebounds on Iranian missile launches - AP
Gold glitters in market fury - Commodity Online

US consumer confidence higher, still negative-ABC - Reuters
It's All Over But the Dating for U.S. Recession - Bloomberg
A cloudy forecast for the US economy - Guardian UK

Why the troubles at Fannie and Freddie are yours - LA Land
Housing Bill Inches Forward in Senate; Questions Arise Over Fannie, Freddie’s Role - Housing Wire
OFHEO Chief Addresses Fannie/Freddie Stock Sell-Off - Washington Post

Federal regulators prepare to tighten mortgage rules - LA Times
Paulson says U.S. home foreclosures to stay high - Reuters
SEC slams credit-rating agencies over standards - USA Today

Bring On Mad Max to Make More of Asia's Energy - Bloomberg
IMF gloomy on growth, warns on inflation - Reuters
New credit crisis fears haunt European, Asian stock markets - AFP

Longer lives, less pay — women not saving enough - AP
Cheney's Staff Cut Testimony On Global Warming - Washington Post

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