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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Consumer prices jump 1.1 percent in June - AP
Fed Chief Bleak on Economic Outlook - NY Times
SEC Subpoenas Wall Street in Hunt for `Manipulators' - Bloomberg
Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac: Investors Flee - AP
IMF sticks by $1 trillion U.S. subprime fallout - Reuters

Oil extends decline after big drop a day earlier - AP
Gold Falls for First Time in Six Sessions as Crude Oil Drops - Bloomberg
How much money, Gold does the world hold? - Commodity Online

June CPI rise biggest in 26 yrs on energy surge - Reuters
Democrats See a Need for Further Economic Stimulus - NY Times
Economic pain: 'Payback' for debt-fueled growth? - USA Today
Confidence drops in U.S. economic policy - Reuters
Inflation, deflation: Two side virus in economy - Commodity Online

Fannie, Freddie Have Worn Out Their Independence - Bloomberg
Opposition, From Both Parties, Over Bailout Plan - NY Times
New 20% Down Payment Makes Savers From Profligate U.S. Spenders - Bloomberg

Fed Steps Back From Imaginary Tightening Ledge - Bloomberg
Bernanke: Senators give Fed chief a rough ride over economy - Guardian
Bush Attempts to Allay Fears About the Economy - Washington Post
Paulson Pounded by Investors as He Seeks to Halt Market Crisis - Bloomberg

UK unemployment rises for 5th consecutive month - Guardian
Fannie, Freddie Troubles Are Ominous for Asia - Bloomberg
'Safe and sound' Canadian banks hurt - Globe & Mail
Zimbabwe's economy in freefall - Reuters
Britain Is in No Shape to Cope With a Recession - Bloomberg

In bad economy, life is good for the repo man - AP
The next Internet-sized boom - MSN Money
Five Signs That You're Living Beyond Your Means - Investopedia

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