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Who's going to rescue the U.S. government?

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Well, another rescue is now in process and the institutions in distress are getting bigger and bigger. Last week it was Indymac, now it's Fannie, Freddie, and their $5.2 trillion of mortgage debt. Who's going to rescue the U.S. government when the time comes?
Sorry about the confusion in last Friday's poll - there should have been a selection for the weekend or for Sunday. I figured the rescue would come late on Sunday and mine was the first vote for Monday, July 14th, so the other 100 people who agreed with me all get credit for having the correct answer.
Hey, it's my poll and I make the rules.

Here are the write-in votes which means there are another 10 respondents who also get credit for the correct answer.
More importantly, shouldn't this count as an "implosion" at the Implode-O-Meter?

So far, The Meter is stuck at 266.

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CityUnslicker said...

Surely the government is doing its best for the future by putting itself in such a poor position that its debts will have to be negotiated globally.

Companies on the edge of administration often seek to get all the bad news they can, all the better to bargain with in court - same with personal debt.

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