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Sunday, August 17, 2008

A film about debt: Another inconvenient truth - Economist
Dr. Doom - New York Times Magazine
Get Out Of Gold? - Minyanville
Georgia: More trouble in the pipeline - Telegraph
F.D.I.C. Retirees Ride to Rescue in New Era of Bank Failures - NY Times

Should you be worried about the gold price fall? And what about silver? - Mineweb
Speculators bid farewell to commodities - Kitco
Don't lose heart on plunging commodities: Rogers - Commodity Online

Housing Starts Probably Slumped in July: U.S. Economy Preview - Bloomberg
Inflation Gets Right Down to the Real Nitty-Gritty - Washington Post
Illusions About Inflation - NY Times

American housing 1: Home economics - Economist
American housing 2: Ticking time bomb - Economist
Foreclosures up, defaults down - LA Times

Lockhart Favors Current Fed Rate, Sees Debate About an Increase - Bloomberg
Greenspan in Bubble Denial - Minyanville
Breaking up big banks questioned as losses mount - Reuters

Australian Banks Have `No Excuse' on Rates, Swan Says - Bloomberg
China's Economy Slows on Weaker Production, Olympics Closures - Bloomberg
The Shanghai Stock Exchange: Re-enter the dragon - Economist
CSRC: Varied factors lead to share slump - CHINADaily
Canada's Dollar Gains Most in a Month on Trade, Manufacturing - Bloomberg

At Least the Airsickness Bags Are Free - NY Times
People Really Do Look Better When You Drink - LiveScience

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