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Monday, August 18, 2008

We will soon begin a 3,000 mile round trip journey to the Great White North to once again visit wonderful Banff and Jasper National Parks, doing our part to help support faltering energy prices.

While the laptop will be in tow, it will be used only sparingly - don't look for anything new here until the first week of September, by which time, who knows where the price of oil will be or how the financial world will look.

The image to the right is from the Lake O'Hara area in Yoho National Park (just west of Banff) and we may make a trip over there this time. We took quite a few day-hikes the last two times we visited in 2003 and 2006, but there are many, many more to go.

We'll get about $1.06 when we exchange our greenbacks on this trip - in 2003 it was about $1.34 and two years ago it was about $1.20. We were waiting until the dollar made a strong move back up before we returned in order to avoid the embarrassment that might result after we crossed the border and made a bee-line to the nearest bank.

Gas should be below four dollars as soon as we get out of California and it looks like it's only about $1.30 in British Columbia. Oops - that must be in litres. Over five dollars? Really? That's right, it was about four dollars a gallon a couple years ago and that seemed quite high at the time.

Here's the route (just as we prefer loop trails, we also like loop travel routes):
IMAGE NAMEIt should be an interesting trip and an even more interesting last four months of the year.

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Anonymous said...

Ignoring the obvious potential stops like Seattle, be sure to check out Priest Lake in N. Idoho -- beautiful. Try to stay at Elkin's or Hill's Resort. ALSO, when you go south thru Oregon, try to hit Joseph in the NW cornet, and check out Wallowa Lake -- I bet you go back after the first visit. Looks like a little Teton's.

Jan said...

Great so this just leaves us figuring out the rest of this great big monster mess!!

As an American living in Norway, I do appreciate your blogging efforts. What I am on the lookout for is a MAJOR MEGA crash so that a lasting change would be forced upon the great big princes of finance, the crooked "chieftains" on Wall Street and beyond.

Have a great fuel saving holiday, and next time please consider buying a long range all electric car! I'd recommend the Phoenix SUV at starting in 2010. You can order it NOW!

ara1978 said...

Take me with you

Anonymous said...

have a great trip --- love the blog!

Bud said...

I think you might miss some major developments between now and Labor Day. Have a good time.

Cow said...

Have a great trip! This is a lovely part of the world; I've only been here about 8 months and am still settling in.

Gas in Vancouver's up to about 145.0/L, which, yeah, that's close to US$6/gal when you factor in units and exchange rates. (This is why I don't own a car up here and only rent them for vacations and such.)


Anonymous said...

Oops, the above comment was me. Not sure what profile it pulled from. :/

Anonymous said...

Next time consider going west from Kamloops over the Duffy Lake Road through Whistler to Vancouver and then south to the US. It's a much more interesting route than the direct freeway from Kamloops to Vancouver(although it looks like you are crossing the border at Sumas.

I appreciate the blog-it is on my daily checklist of websites-these are surely momentous times in which we live.

Long gold, long oil(for a bounce), short financials, long Canadian markets(for a bounce), short US markets.

Good fortune(and strong stomachs!) to my American friends,


Anonymous said...

This is off topic, but Jim Rogers just told how to spot the bottom, in the future, "I guess when all the congressmen have foreign bank accounts, we’ll be at the bottom.
But we’ve got a long way to go, yet." The whole interview is hilarious.

Anonymous said...

US Mint has run out of one ounce American Eagle gold coins amid rocketing demand

The announcement on gold Eagles last week wasn't widely circulated in mainstream media until it reached the Wall Street Journal. But some coin dealers confirm that they’ve been swamped with orders over the last month as the price of gold dived from $977.70 an ounce on July 15 to $786 last Friday, the lowest since December.

Small investors apparently saw the price drop as a great chance to buy - which is the opposite of what normally happens.

Anonymous said...

Oooo, you're going to the Owyhee and the Steens and the Alvord Desert. Good choice - except do the tags indicate where you intend to spend the night? C--->B is an awfully long drive.

The Chronicler said...

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Anonymous said...

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