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Conflicting views on the bailout and the dollar

Thursday, September 25, 2008

These two video clips appeared next to each other earlier today at Bloomberg though, for some reason, they were separated a short time ago.

Marc Faber seems to think that the U.S. dollar will get stronger due to forceful action soon to be taken by the U.S. government and fears of a contraction in global liquidity (there's more from Dr. Faber in this CNBC interview). Barclay's David Woo, however, thinks that the bailout will be bad news for the greenback.

The two clips can be found here and here, but they are in high demand at the moment, so good luck in getting them to play without having to repeatedly rebuffer. IMAGEAlso up at the moment is this interview with Jim Rogers where he calls the plan by Hank Paulson "Welfare for the Rich".

It is un-playable right now due to an apparently overwhelming demand for counterpoints to the views of elected officials in the U.S. and the talking heads on CNBC.

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Tom R. said...

It was amazing to see the Fast Money guys, who normally are fairly straight shooters on things, openly advocating for the bailout almost the entire time (must've gotten the note from GE to get in line) and acting like the reason we were opposed to it, was because we didn't fully understand it. Problem is: I fully understand it and how we got here which is exactly why I'm so opposed to it. There's a ton of better ways to skin this cat.

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