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A first entry for an RV Fill Up Index?

Monday, September 08, 2008

This surprising story about this summer's undeterred motorhome travelers contains a possible first entry for an RV Fill Up Index similar to the SUV Fill Up Index which was last updated when gasoline sold for about $4.50 back in July.

In this case, it's a nice round $400 for some sort of a 39 foot behemoth (39 feet is big, right?) that chugs along getting about 10 miles per gallon on diesel which, incidentally, makes the $176 July fill up for a Chevy Suburban look downright economical.

Despite high fuel prices and a sputtering economy that have hurt RV sales and caused many people to put the brakes on vacation plans, plenty of the lumbering, gas-guzzling rigs have taken to the road this summer.

"If you want to stay out here and do this, you just suck it up and go," said Leyman Williams, lounging on a folding chair outside his 39-foot RV at Fishing Bridge

The Williams live year-round in their motor home, which has all the comforts of a traditional home — running water, refrigerator, kitchen, private bathroom and bed space for up to six people.

But the huge vehicle gets only about 10.5 miles to the gallon. With diesel prices above $4 a gallon much of the summer, filling the 90-gallon tank means shelling out around $400.

"I learned to drive a little slower," William said, noting the RV gets better highway mileage at around 60 mph.
In the years ahead, there are likely to be much bigger adjustments in store than slowing down to 60 miles an hour.

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Please note the following:

Leyman and Jane Williams, of Georgia, pose outside their RV and primary home Wednesday, June 18, 2008, in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming. The couple sold their house and bought the vehicle to live in.

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